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The statements below are ACTUAL COMMENTS from our training participants.
General Early Care & Education Training Testimonials

"The content and delivery was professional, FUN, and packed with useful information. PHENOMENAL training and trainer."
Dr. Tameka Goodson, Family Child Care Owner & Director
"I will drive my staff anywhere to attend your trainings. And they don't mind going either. We all love your classes."
Brandie B., Center Director
National Child Development Associate (CDA) Course Testimonials
"I had one year of Director's experience in childcare but this 120 hours of class taught me so many things that I had never known. Dr. Bisa is an excellent instructor. She made sure we understood everything that was being taught.  She also continuously encouraged all students to attend every week and really tried to set us up for success."
Kelly Brown, Center Director 

“I am having a great time with the online CDA course”
Allison C., Preschool Teacher

"I remember when Dr. Lewis said, “You are not going to be the same after you finish this course”. I didn’t believe her. I just thought this was another training I had to complete for work that was stealing even more of my already endangered ‘me’ time. However, I must confess she was right. Yesterday, after months of waiting, I finally took my CDA exam. My representative traveled from Miami, Florida because there were so many Georgia applicants! She told me she was dropping every candidate’s packet off at the downtown post office before flying back to Florida.  I finished the test, reread it about 68 times, answered my oral interview, and submitted my final documentation. My assessor was a 50-something year old Caribbean woman, with a heavy accent. She looked at me when we were finished and said ‘You are going to be like me one day…’ Not only did she say that, but she referred to me as an Early Childhood Practitioner! I like the way that sounds! Completing this course has given me a new confidence professionally. Now, I play the final waiting game of the series. Let the countdown begin."
Charise Stanford, Toddler Teacher
"As a In-home daycare provider sometimes attending classes to enhance my knowledge and skills are difficult being that there is no staff to share the workload with but when I was given the opportunity to attend the CDA class it was a blessing and awesome all rolled together. The teacher was very informed she provided loads of helpful information for parents and myself. The assignments at first was challenging but it forced me to learn how to search for anything and everything that I may need for any situation whether I had encountered it or not. At times I was paired with seasoned women that provided loads of alternatives to activities, songs and crafts. No questions were ever unanswered and we did not move forward until everyone was on the same page. This class, the experience gave me so much to bring into my program and to other providers. It truly encouraged and empowered me on so many levels that I am looking to go back to school."
Ieisha D., Family Day Care Provider 
"I have enjoyed taking the CDA class. She is very knowledgeable of Early Childhood Education. As a student, I have learned about caring for 0-5 years old. I highly recommend this class to others wanting to get their CDA. Thank you for your help!"
M. J. Johnson, CDA Student - New to the ECE Field
"I am glad that I decided to take this CDA class. I have learned to apply developmentally appropriate teaching methods in my preschool class day to day."
Tonia R., Toddler Teacher
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